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  • Abducted (Private)
    6 years 6 months ago
    Hello, I hope anybody can tell me if there is a way ( for a regular person, tourist or whatever you wanna call it ) to see Pripiat. Do I need some special permit? What else do I need?? Pls, anybody who knows the answer. Thank you.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    9 years 3 months ago
    Horrifying end of the album. Awful shame.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    9 years 6 months ago
  • Кот (Private)
    14 years 10 months ago
    Город-призрак... Жутко смотреть. А ещё жутче становится, когда думаешь о том, чего не видно - радиация, которой хватит на долгие тысячи лет. Многие этого не понимают. А ведь самые страшные последствия, буду проявлятся только в третьем поколении (на генном уровне)...
    Наташ, а не страшно было возле саркофага стоят? Дозиметер не зашкаливало? 142 иР.час это раз в 10 больше нормы?..
  • 14 years 10 months ago
    pripiat-7 copy
    What can I say about that? IT`S JUST TERRIBLE!!!I`m from Bulgaria and in 1986 our politics didn`t tell us the truth.I was on the age of 11 only when it happened.I have seeng on TV and I have read a lot of articles about that but I can`t imagine what is the real face of the tragedy!
  • Natasha (Private)
    15 years 2 months ago
    chernobyl church
    and they still believe in god?!

    mozgovaya: More than ever before. You can get some details here:

  • Tash (Private)
    15 years 2 months ago
    Lenin at Chernobyl
    the only place where he is still standing I guess....

    mozgovaya: Don't be so sure. I saw him almost everywhere else, starting from Kamchatka and ending in Ural.
  • 15 years 4 months ago
    halo: I saw your photos and me frighten the impression the an efect radiactive,
    the world not understand the consecuenties the plant nuclear, if God not keeping us lives, already the humanity to was destroyed.

    salute the me. arturo
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    15 years 4 months ago
    "Yantarik", kindergarten at the evacuated city of Pripiat
    such a powerful photo
  • Marina & Dima Premium user Germany (Private)
    15 years 5 months ago
    Esli ne secret...chto ti delala v Chernobile? Ne luchsee mesto dlya otdixa, pryamo skazhem...

    Ну, подробности здесь :-) -
    Pochitala tvoy gazety, ochen interesno. Bydy teper zahodit:)))Klassno pishesh:))
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    15 years 5 months ago
    U not serious ... too danger... no?
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